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  • Bowling lawn game: This bowling set is a courtyard game suitable for children and adults. It consists of 10 pins and 3 balls. It is suitable for playing European Skittle Ball or Classic 10 Pin games. This set will definitely provide children and adults with hours of entertainment.
  • Play anytime anywhere: This wooden suit also comes with a drawstring mesh bag for easy carrying and storage. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but more suitable for use on lawns, soil and hard and flat surfaces.
  • Cultivate sports interest: develop children's motor skills, balance ability and hand-eye coordination. You can also teach your children to recognize colors. The bowling ball is also polished, and the surface quality is high safe and durable.
  • Ideal gift choice: Toys are a lot of fun and can keep your child engrossed for hours! It is suitable for all occasions: parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, etc. It can be played by more than one child, thereby increasing the interaction between them.
  • After-sales service: Guarantee the best products and services! Satisfactory after-sales service is our main purpose, please rest assured to buy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Product Description

Our Story

At WODI TOYS, Mr. Joden, the visionary founder, believes every child deserves a joyful childhood. With this core belief, WODI TOYS is dedicated to creating positive and cheerful experiences for children and families.

We take pride in offering high-quality wooden toys that bring smiles to thousands of families. Our commitment is unwavering; we tirelessly strive to ensure that every user enjoys exceptional performance. Choosing WODI TOYS means choosing happiness for your child, making their childhood memorable!

Wooden Bowling Set

This wooden bowling can be played indoors and outdoor, and the children will really like it very much. Children can carry a bowling competition with a small partner or their parents. Suitable for anywhere, but more suitable for lawn and hard and flat ground.

High Quality Wood

With high quality solid wood, the surface is smooth, no burr, no hurt your child's hands, solid wood design, let the child experience the more real bowling game, let's carry out a bowling game!

Sports Educational Toys

This bowling toy can cultivate children's interest in sports and improve their skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, and logical thinking.

Convenient and Easy to Carry

The design of the bag is very convenient to play the game anywhere. After the end of the bowling game, it will be recycled, and it will not be lost, and it is very convenient to carry.

All Ages Can Play

Everyone likes to play grass bowling games. In any birthday, the backyard gathering or party Bring a bowling set, will definitely let everyone be more lively and happy.

Lawn Bowling Set

Sports & Health

Wood Bowling Backyard Games Wooden Pins Balls,And Mesh Carrying Bag Educational

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