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  • Led sign support scrolling text, date, time, countdown time,Supports horizontal and vertical display
  • Software only Works with Windows operating system (Win8/Winxp/ Win7/ W10). Not available for Mac or MacBook
  • Led sign size 39 x 7.5 inches , 96x16 pixel resolution, strong aluminium case,Strong Memory Function, you can program messages up to 100, they won't loss when power off
  • 1-15 levels brightness .the LED display is for indoor use, Not waterproof. If you hang in the window, the outdoor brightness, Especially in direct sunlight, will affect the viewing effect.
  • Please contact us on Amazon if you have any problems with the use of the sign. Our customer service will promptly reply and help you solve your problem

Product Description

Programmable LED sign

Software only works with Windows operating system(win8/winxp/win7 w10/win11)Not available for Mac.

Strong Memory Function, you add program messages up to 100,they won't loss when the sign power off.

The editing contentet is in various forms,suports mutiple language,and various symbols can be added at will.

LED display parameters

Voltage: 110V
Meterial: Indoor Aluminum Frame Waterproof(IP20)
Cabinet Resolution(pixel): W 96 x H 16
Power Consumption Max(w/set) 100Watt
Brightness(CD/m²): ≥2200
Viewing Angle: 120°/70°
Theoretic LED Working Life: More than 100000 hours
Display function: Text, Date, Timing,logo

Shop advertising sign

Decorative lights

Color dynamic display text is also suitable for decoration, and can be displayed with colorful fonts as decorative lights during festivals

  • Various festivals like Christmas, Halloween can use it as decoration, the flashing information will bring life into your neighborhood

Wide Application

Scrolling LED signs

Scrolling LED signs can display information quickly and efficiently to communicate messages about your small business. Best of all, you can change the message as often as you want without much effort. The best scrolling LED sign can now go well beyond displaying letters and text. You can show special fonts, and your logo all in different colors.

So, if you have a business where you need to change your message regularly with an affordable solution, a scrolling LED sign board is the way to go.

  • Suitable for all kinds of commercial places such as Restaurant, supermarkets, bars, jewelry counters, hotel welcomes, companies, exhibitions, nightclubs, cinemas, hotels and other public places.

How to use

Connect WiFi read back the programs

After the product is installed, Power on the led sign, connect the WiFi device that begins with the "FK" character first on your computer or mobile,then click “search display”, and read the display parameters into the software

Send out the programs by WiFi

Program what you want to display on LED sign including text, date,time, and send the programs to LED sign by WiFi.

WiFi control

WiFi control is more convenient, editing your text in the software and sending it to the LED sign through WiFi. The software supports Windows system computers, and the FkShow App supports Android & Iphone mobile

Rich and colorful advertisements

LED billboard support for editing text in various colors, with jumping colors that can better attract others' attention and make your store advertisements easier to attract customers

Date and Time

This LED display screen not only displays your advertising slogan, but also supports displaying the time, which can be displayed as a clock

Vertical display

This programmable led sign can also support vertical text display, enriching your advertising effect

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Product Size 40"x8" 39"x14" 39"x14" 40"x18" 77"x14"
Display function Texts/ Time Texts/ Time Texts/ Time/ Images/Videos Texts/ Time/ Images/Videos Texts/ Time
Control mode WiFi WiFi WiFi&USB WiFi&USB WiFi

Programmable LED Sign P10 Indoor LED Display 39" X 7.5" Full Color Programmable

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