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Must Have Every Day Carry (EDC) Items for All Men

Must Have Every Day Carry (EDC) Items for All Men

In a world where preparedness and efficiency are key, your everyday carry (EDC) can make a serious difference in how your day pans out. These essentials do two things: They beef up your potential in an unforeseen situation and showcase how ready you are in day-to- day life. Here, now, is the deep dive of the five must-have EDC items every man should consider integrating into his life on a daily basis.

1. A Reliable Multi-Tool: Having a good multi-tool is like carrying a Swiss Army knife for everyday challenges: a single, compact, physical piece of hardware that may serve to save you from a myriad of possible mishaps, like a loose screw, a piece of rope you need to cut, or the stubborn bottle cap of any bottle that needs opening. Just make sure it has pliers, a knife blade, screwdrivers, scissors, and a bottle opener. Modern multi-tools are light and handy, easily fitting in your pocket or attaching to your key ring. Companies such as Leatherman and Victorinox specialize in sturdy multi-tools, ideal for this critical necessity. I currently use the Leatherman Squirt. It's my favorite EDC tool and I use it multiple times a day. It's well worth the price and will become a trusted companion.  


2. A Sturdy Pocket Knife: The greatest pocket knife has always been the ultimate in EDC, blending functionality with a hint of elite ruggedness. From opening a package to cutting through material from dealing with minor repairs, everything in between, a sharp pocket knife is something you never want to be without. Consider the following while purchasing a pocket knife: blade material, handle design, and safety measures such as locking handles. Stainless steel blades last longer and are non-rusting, while the ergonomic handles give a good grip. Brands such as Benchmade, Spyderco, and Kershaw produce knives that are high in quality, balancing functionality with an attractive, sleek design. Since this is an EDC tool, I would recommend a minimalist design; the Leatherman Skeletool is a high quality, reasonably priced pocket knife that will become an essential tool in your arsenal.



3. A High-Quality Wallet: A wallet isn't just a pocket of money and credit cards; it stands for pride in style and organization. A good wallet will help you to organize your essentials for easy access while adding class to your EDC. Opt for those available in real leather or high-quality synthetic alternatives, which are tough and robust in features like RFID blocking for information against electronic theft and slender in profile with multiple compartments for cards, cash, and identification. Brands like Bellroy, Saddleback Leather, and Secrid offer such stylish functional necessities made to suit modern needs. I went all out and purchased the top of the line Ridge Wallet. It might have been the best decision that I have ever made. It's slim design easily allows for multiple cards and the optional money strap is a useful add on. Just realize that you cannot overload it with a menagerie of cards but it will hold what you need for daily use. 



4. An Efficient Flashlight: While the flashlight is the most ignored item in EDC, it is arguable that it could be the most useful. From a night lit area or a dark parking lot, rummaging down under the car seat or during a power outage, only a compact light source will do. Flashlights for EDC are perfectly made to be lightweight, robust, and energy-saving. Look for multiple brightness settings, a well-built body, and waterproof capabilities in a flashlight. Brands like Fenix, Olight, and Streamlight have some good options that will balance their performance with portability so you never end up with a light less pocket. As this is an essential tool that you don't want to fail at the wrong moment, I suggest the Streamlight 66604 MicroStream. It is a solid flashlight for the price and I would recommend that you purchase two or more, one for your EDC and one for your car as a backup. Of course you should always have a proper set of tools in your vehicle, including a flashlight, but an extra EDC light will ensure greater peace of mind. 

5. Reliable PenA working pen in good condition equals preparation and professionalism. One of the best tools you can carry is an EDC pen. Anything that needs jotting down, signing a document, or sketching a beautiful idea can be done with an EDC pen. Among the key considerations you need to make, once you have made the decision to choose an EDC pen for your use, are the quality of the ink, durability, and design. Metal-bodied pens with refillable ink cartridges simply embody the meaning of the term "lifetime" and "quality". Tactical pens, on the other hand, can offer further utility and often have features beyond that, like a glass breaker or self-defense capabilities. Brands like Fisher Space Pen, Parker, and Zebra offer some nicely design pens which will be great in your everyday carry. I currently carry the Stealth Pen Pro Tactical Pen. It's lightweight, well made and is easy to refill. It includes an emergency glass breaker as well, just in case.

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